PFAS in Maine


PFAS in Maine

Mainers are starting to see more test results containing PFAS in their water supply. Learn more about forever chemicals and how Air & Water Quality can help you remove them from your water supply.

What are PFAS and why are we concerned?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals,” are a group of man-made chemicals. They have been produced in many different industries, over many years. There are thousands of PFAS that have been found in different consumer, commercial and industrial products. PFAS do not breakdown or do so over a long period of time which leads to concerns of accumulation in the environment and human body. PFAS have been found in water, air, fish, and soil.

In Maine we have started to see the presence of PFAS tested in soil and water supplies. Many private wells have tested with elevated levels of forever chemicals. There are recommended limits for PFAS to help ensure the health of both humans and animals. The state of Maine has a maximum PFAS limit guideline of 20 parts per trillion (ppt).

Maine PFAS testing

PFAS testing has not been commonly performed by private well owners in Maine historically. There are very few accredited labs that test for PFAS in water and there are also many different compounds. Due to the presence of PFAS in some local wells in the past couple years, testing has started to become more available. PFAS testing in Maine is increasingly common in areas that are thought to be a concern due to industrial practices.

While there are many PFAS compounds, the most common recommendation would be to perform a “sum of six” test which would include PFDA, PFHpA, PFHxS, PFNA, PFOS, PFOA which all have a maximum exposure guideline of 20 ppt for the sum of these six compounds.

Removing PFAS from Water

While PFAS in water and in Maine is emerging, some of the same practices Air & Water Quality has used for three decades will remove PFAS from drinking water. In other words, the treatment that we use or would recommend is not new.

We have used point-of-use (POU) solutions to treat several other contaminants such as arsenic, uranium, lead, copper, nitrates, nitrites, and more that are third-party certified and effective at PFAS removal from contaminated water.

In addition, we have point-of-entry (POE) solutions that can adsorb and remove PFAS from water, capturing PFAS as they enter your home from the well. This solution requires on-going testing and maintenance to ensure removal over time.

We are extremely confident in any solution and the ability to remove PFAS from your water. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maintain a high drinking water standard.

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