Bottled vs Filtered Water


Rethinking Refreshment: The True Cost of Bottled Water

We’re taking a closer look at the real deal with bottled water. We’ll break down the problems it causes for the environment and your wallet. Plus, we’ll show you why switching to water filters is a smart move that’s good for both your pocket and the planet.

Purchasing a plastic water bottle might seem harmless and non-detrimental at first sight, but it can be very expensive and have environmental implications. We are now very conscientious about water and when it comes to drinking it, but why not have the best? We learn about emerging water problems daily, such as PFAS, arsenic, lead, uranium, and more. Consumers buy bottles of water because it feels safer, and it can be to a certain extent, but there are also detrimental factors associated with drinking bottled water.

Getting bottled water gives a sense of safety on the surface, but it is significant to realize that the production and disposal of plastics that come from water bottles are large factors for environmental pollution. Things such as the contribution to carbon emissions. Frequently these water bottles end up in landfills or even the oceans which is a huge component to pollution.

Bottled water is not only harmful to the environment but also to your wallet. Overall, the average adult could save up to hundreds of dollars a year by drinking filtered water rather than bottled water. Going filtered is not just a nice addition for you to get for the house; it transitions into a worthwhile investment. Let water filtration be a long-term solution to your short-term issue.

Choosing water filtration also creates a more suitable lifestyle; for instance, water isn’t just something you drink; you also cook, shower, and clean with it. In other words, having water is a way of life, buying bottles of water wouldn’t give you a full-time solution to all your problems.

Our systems tackle an abundance of harmful items that could be in your water to provide not only safe water, but water of the highest quality. We provide filtration that exceeds basic safety standards to tailor guaranteed satisfaction to the customers’ liking. Make the switch and let water be the way it should be.