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Maine’s Water & Radon Experts

We love helping Maine homeowners resolve water and radon issues and improve their home environments and their lives.

Water Treatment

Cloudiness, hardness, mineral build-up, odor, and other water issues can affect your home, and more importantly, your health. Learn how Air & Water Quality can help.

Radon Mitigation

Find out if radon concentration is a problem in your home’s air and water. Air & Water Quality has solved radon issues in thousands of homes since 1989.


For over 30 years, Air & Water Quality has been providing solutions to water quality and radon gas issues in schools, hospitals, laboratories and other commercial/industrial buildings.

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Happy to Help

Nothing makes us happier than serving our customers and helping them identify and solve their water and radon issues. We’re proud to have incredible reviews across Facebook, Google, and the Better Business Bureau.

Kinetico Water Systems

The finest water softener and reverse osmosis systems on the market today.

Maine’s water treatment and radon mitigation experts are proud to be able to provide our customers with Kinetico products as an Authorized, Independent Kinetico Dealer. Both of these products are very environmentally friendly because of their high removal efficiencies along with their non-electric operation.

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