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Nothing makes us happier than serving our customers and helping them identify and solve their water and radon issues.

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Air & Water Quality was established in 1989 to help Maine homeowners resolve water and radon issues and improve their home environments and their lives. 

Water Treatment

If you have experienced problems with your water or have already tested and found an issue, Air & Water Quality will create a water treatment solution. Our water filtration systems include filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, aerations systems, ultrafiltration systems and more. 

Radon Treatment

Air & Water Quality Inc. has mitigated radon problems in thousands of homes and businesses throughout Maine. Our technicians are Maine registered radon service providers and our company is a Maine Registered Air & Water Contractor for mitigating radon gas in both the air and the water.

Commercial Air & Water Treatment Systems

Our staff provides expertise in water treatment and soil gas mitigation to a wide variety of commercial/industrial clients. We have designed systems as small as point of use drinking water systems to as large as 150 gallon per minute arsenic treatment systems.

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“I went with Air & Water Quality for my water softener system and I’m very glad I did. They were prompt, professional, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Sarah Kuhn

“The two technicians who came to the house were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They were very patient and gladly answered all of my questions.”

Ray Pawley

“Very responsive, quick service and very knowledgeable. The service technician was personable and thorough. We are very happy with Air & Water Quality Inc.”

Terri Adams

Water Experts

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If you’re facing water issues or have conducted tests indicating problems, Air & Water Quality is your go-to source for comprehensive Maine water treatment solutions. Our expertise extends to various areas such as arsenic treatment, uranium treatment, PFAS treatment, PFOA treatment, and radon treatment. We offer a wide range of effective water filtration systems, including filters, softeners, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, and ultrafiltration systems. Our solutions also encompass iron treatment, hardness treatment, sulfur treatment, and the mitigation of forever chemicals. Don’t let water problems compromise your home or your health, contact Air & Water Quality today to determine next steps and move closer to finding solutions!


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